How do you spend your time?

Time tracking is horrible; why not try Hourible?
(You're probably using Google Calendar anyway)

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Simplify billing

Hourible shows you your cumulitive hours by client and project.

Multiple calendars

Select which calendar you wish to analyze & switch between them at will.

Generate invoices

Format your hours into editible invoices with a click.

It's completely free

Unless you don’t want it to be, in which case thanks!

Analyze your Google Calendar

Using cutting-edge string-matching algorithms, Hourible provides insights into how you spend your time. You can use it to track the hours you spent working on client projects, to see how much time you spend in meetings, or just what you were up to last month or last week.

Hourible can simplify your billing, help you reflect on how accurate your estimate turned out to be, or let you easily determine how much budgeted time you have left on a project.

And you can create invoices with the click of a button, and easily modify their values to suit your needs.

How does it work?

Hourible groups the events in your calendar, and sums the hours giving you breakdowns by the first and second word in the event’s name, commonly client and project.

Google Calendar allows you to have multiple calendars for different purposes. Try creating one called hours, that you use to track... billable hours. Hourible lets you choose which calendar it analyzes, and if you find a typo in your events? Just update it in your calendar. Hourible doesn’t store any of your event data, it does its calculations on-the-fly.

When you’re ready to invoice, just supply some basic invoice information, and hourible will take your hours and format them into an editable invoice that you can save as a PDF before emailing to your client.


Hourible is as free as you want it to be! Try it out for free, and use it for as long as you like. It currently doesn’t even have ads. But if you do want to pay, which is greatly appreciated, we offer two plans:

Sum your events
Multiple calendars
Arbitrary date ranges
Currently ad free
Invoice creation engine
Logipar integration
Low level guilt
Monthly fee

Your privacy is important

SaaS companies can be creepy, it's true, but we don’t store any of your event data. In fact, everything is calculated on the fly by querying your Google Calandar. We don’t want to be creepy. No one should want to be creepy. We also don’t want to deal with storing any more of your data than is necessary. So unless you use the generate invoice feature, we don’t store any data except for your Google ID. We don’t even keep your email address!

If you use the generate invoice feature, we keep some additional information (your client names and addresses, your company name and address, your logo, etc., and whatever other info you elect to supply) solely to make the experience easier for you - so you don’t have to look up and type in the same information every time.

In most cases this information will already be publicly available, but just because it’s good practise, we encrypt it on our servers anyway.